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Notes by Alan Dix on "She Won't Get Far Her Bags Too Heavy"

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She Won't Get Far Her Bags Too Heavy


Wonderful romp of a book … although at 1 mile an hour in the early stages, not necessarily a physical romp!

A plain speaking northern lass, sets out on the South West Path, never intending to travel the whole way round - makes me feel well planned. Lovely anecdotes with plenty of dog food eaten out of carrier bags on the street side (by her dog Buddy, not Marie), and plenty of pasties and Guiness (Guiness by Marie, Pasries, I think buddy may have got the odd one), the stuck up cafe owner who came to her table to hand her back her overnight rubbish bag out of the bin in the ladies, the South Devon hotel that charged £7.50 for a cream tea … and how come I'm remembering only the food stories?

At the end of the book she says she and the fellow traveller she met at the end of her trek were planning a coast walk round the UK … did it happen … and wondering what happened to them, was it a blossoming romance or simply walking buddies …



lies change now. When only intending to walk a bit, when people asked if she was going the whole way (she said yes), now she is hoping to do the whole thing, she says "no" :-)


"Anyone who writes a book must be a right big headed git, …" (quite from friend)


when asked "going while way" - now silent :-D


"I would have a blog if only I knew what one was"


"If you want to make God laugh - tell him your plans"


honest at last, to John, the 67 year old ex-soldier, survival expert and walking companion for final stages …